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Top 10 ways to save on your business energy bill
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 Posted by rickturban on 7.25.11 @ 02:34 pm

With gas and electricity prices steadily increasing, now is probably the time to start investing in a few bits and bobs which could help your business save money in the long run

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Energy saving lightbulbs     Added by rickturban
Most businesses have already made the transition, but for those that haven't investing in energy saving lightbulbs can help you and your business to cut down on your energy bills.
Get a SmartStart monitor     Added by rickturban
Installing SmartStart monitors may not help you to reduce your gas & electricity prices, but they will help you to identify where and when you use the most energy.
Insulate your business     Added by rickturban
Businesses and homes lose vast proportions of heat due to poor insulation. By investing and insulating your business you can make significant savings on your annual energy bill.
Check your business gas prices     Added by rickturban
In recent weeks 3 of the so-called big 6 have raised their energy prices. With average rates increasing by 10-20% now is the time to shop around and see if you can minimise your business spend.
Generate you own     Added by rickturban
Although you may increase certain of your business rate, it is worth investigating and investing in renewable power supplies - in the long run you can make savings, as well as taking advantage of the government's new feed-in-tariffs.
Turn your appliances off     Added by rickturban
Every business is guilty of this in some respect and although some modern appliances, like servers, need to be constantly powered, the majority of PC's, printers, screens and IP phones do not need to be left on overnight...
Reduce your AC     Added by rickturban
Air-con can eat electricity, reducing pressure by 10 per cent can lead to 5 per cent savings in energy. Make small, incremental reductions, checking that operations aren't affected.
Tefal One cup     Added by rickturban
Tefal's wonderful One Cup is able to make a brew within 3 seconds! The smart-kettle also saves upto 65% of the energy a normal kettle will use.
Radiator foil     Added by rickturban
According to some studies, 35% of the heat produced by your radiator is absorbed by internal walls. To prevent heat loss, businesses and homeowners can install radiator foil between the wall and rads, reflecting heat back into the room and saving you on your electricity bills.
Keep your eye on your bills     Added by rickturban
Keep an eye on your SmartStart monitor and your electric bills as these will help you to identify potential problems and periods which can effect your consumption.
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